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Junior Anglers Section

Members Benefits   

  • Members can learn and practise coarse fishing, fly fishing or both.   
  • Members will learn to fish for pleasure but will have the opportunity to become involved in match and competition fishing if they so wish.  
  • Members who wish to do so will have the opportunity to compete in inter and intra club matches and competitions, both fly and coarse.
  • There will be evenings of instruction between April and September each year.   
  • There will also be days of instruction between April and September each year.   
  • Members will be notified of the dates and times of these instructional evenings by SAA   
  • Tuition will be given by licensed coaches and fully qualified and experienced instructors.   
  • Membership includes the free use of SAA tackle and equipment. 
  • Each member will have an agreed personal development programme.   
  • Members can work towards nationally recognised awards and qualifications.   
  • Members who wish to purchase their own tackle will receive advice from SAA coaches and staff.   
  • SAA members can benefit from discounts on any future tackle purchased from the club.   
  • SAA members fishing at Stonebridge during school holidays will receive a discount on weekday fishing fees. (NB. Not weekends)   
  • Guest speakers from the world of sport.

Salmon & Trout Association.

The S&TA was founded in 1903 by game anglers and fishery owners, to protect our rivers and lakes from the devastating effects of the industrial revolution. In spring 2008 it was granted charitable status, in recognition of what it does to protect the aquatic environment, not just for anglers, but also for the wider public good. It is now, not just a simple lobbying organisation, but its work is supported by sound peer-reviewed science.

S&TA has excellent contacts in both Houses of Parliament. The Association promotes a conservation-based agenda in consultation and co-operation with, other like-minded organisations, including Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Atlantic Salmon Trust, Association of River Trusts and Wild Trout Trust. There are branches throughout the whole country and this provides local in-put and involves the membership in some of the projects.

Many people think that our rivers and lakes are cleaner now than they have ever been. However, the aquatic environment is arguably under more impact from man-made and natural interference than ever before – from such issues as abstraction, diffuse pollution, sedimentation, alien species and the looming menace of climate change. It follows that if streams, rivers and lakes are under threat, then so too are the fish stocks and other water-dependent species which rely on the aquatic environment for their existence.

This is why S&TA concentrates much of its work on the management, protection and conservation of fish stocks, water habitats and ecosystems. We are proud to boast that we are game anglers addressing all the key issues necessary for a healthy water environment and healthy fish stocks, not just for the benefit of anglers, but also for all those with an interest in our wetland habitats. This is truly anglers working for the public benefit.

NOTE - Any junior up to and including the age of 12 accompanied by a guardian on a full price ticket can fish for free and have the use of Stonebridge's own rods etc.

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